Commitment to safety

Responsible Care

Each of the chemical manufacturers operating on the BIP are signatories to the Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association’s (PACIA) Responsible Care® program and commit to its guiding principles. These principles ensure that the chemical industry meets community expectations for protection of people and the environment, the manufacture of safe products and the operation of a sustainable industry.

All members of the BIP are strongly committed to the safety of their personnel, the community and the environment as reflected in their Safety, Health and Environment policies.

Our Tenants’ Commitment to Safety

Orica’s commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and customers, the environment, and the communities in which we operate underpins everything we do. The principles of respect, transparency, collaboration and performance will guide us as we deliver on our strategy and vision.

Indorama is “committed to achieving excellence in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) protection in all our activities. Our operations will be conducted safely, efficiently and in a socially responsible manner; we will protect the health of our associates, contractors, customers, and the local community; and we will comply with environmental standards.”

At Qenos, “we believe that all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable. We are committed to, and everyone who works at Qenos must show responsibility for, operations, products and practices that protect the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers and the community, as well as protecting the environment.”

Ixom has a long and proud history of safe performance. Ensuring all of our employees and contractors are safe and healthy, whilst protecting the environment and communities in which we operate is a core value of our company.